Garage Door Spring Installation

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    Have you noticed that your door panel seems heavy?

    How long has it been since your overhead door springs have been replaced?

    One of the most common indications that your overhead door spring needs to be replaced is a heavy door panel.

    And if you have no idea how to replace and install a new set of springs, contact the specialist technician in Markham.

    Besides, replacing and installing a spring is dangerous especially if you lack the necessary skills.

    Markham Garage Door Bros offers a wide range of accessible and high-quality services.

    If you require emergency garage door spring installation, contact us! We will be there as soon as possible!

    But what causes the deterioration of our springs? Is there any way to avoid it?

    Continue reading to find out about early warning signs and how to avoid them as soon as possible.

    Common Indicators That It’s Time to Replace Your Spring

    We all don’t want to be involved in any garage door mishaps.

    Aside from the inconvenience, it jeopardizes our safety and necessitates costly repairs.

    Before our hardware will fail and stopped working, it will exhibit some telling signs such as faulty operations, disturbing noise, etc.

    So, if you notice any of the following warning signs, don’t dismiss them.

    Conduct a thorough inspection and, if necessary, seek technical assistance.

    • Do you see a visible gap between the springs?
    • When you tried to open it, the panel opened a few inches above the ground?
    • Do you think the door panel is too heavy to open?
    • Do you notice the crooked or slanted door panel?

    If you answered yes to all of the above questions, it’s time to replace your frayed or worn-out springs.

    But, if you are not confident in your ability to complete the task, contact a reputable service provider in Markham.

    However, we strongly discourage you from performing this type of work because it poses a safety risk and may result in serious injury.

    Here’s a brief demonstration of what happens during the garage door spring installation process.

    How Should I Install and Replace the Springs

    Some people find this job to be a breeze given their skills and experience.

    However, for those who are unsure of their abilities, do not attempt and put your safety at risk.

    We are going to demonstrate the garage door spring installation process.

    Make a list of all the materials, tools, and equipment you’ll need.

    Make sure all your equipment and supplies are gathered in an easily accessible location.

    These are the two main components of garage door springs:

    1. Torsion spring
    2. Extension spring

    The following is how we replace Torsion Springs:

    1. As part of the installation, make sure to prepare the door frame.

    By doing so, remove any debris that may compromise the component’s ability to function properly.

    2. The next step should be to use locking tools such as a set of clamps and locking pliers.

    These tools are used to secure the hardware.

    Keeping it locked will prevent any unintentional movement or opening of the door panel.

    3. Insert and assemble the replacement springs into the spring tube

    4. Place the support plates firmly on the door panel’s frame

    5. Make sure that the springs are securely fastened to the plates

    6. Then, install the newly purchased torsion springs next

    After installation, adjust the winding of the component accordingly.

    Then, proceed to the functionality test to ensure that the process is completed successfully.

    Here’s how we put the Extension Springs together:

    1. For this step, make sure the door panel is completely open and that the overhead door panel is locked in place.
    2. Locking the panel in place, like installing a torsion spring prevents any accidents.
    3. Replace the worn-out extension springs with the new set.
    4. While the panel is completely open, stretch the spring about an inch after installation.
    5. Remove the clamps once the springs have been successfully installed.
    6. Make the necessary changes.

    Then, run the functionality test.


    Let us not dismiss the safety risks of replacing the springs especially if we don’t have the necessary technical skills.

    This is due to the fact that even experts make mistakes.

    Understanding the process and carrying it out are two entirely different things.

    So, whenever you attempt to replace or install broken hardware parts, keep your safety in mind.

    Entrust the technical repairs to the experts in Markham.

    We are only a call away for garage door spring installation.

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