Garage Roller Door Getting Stuck

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    When we need to leave for work early in the morning, we want to do it discreetly.

    But, we can’t keep our hardware quiet for long given its function and exposure to an array of detrimental elements.

    That’s why when our hardware begins to squeal, it’s going to be a dreadful situation in the early hours of the morning.

    Not only will it wake up the entire family, but it will also disrupt the adjacent houses–if not the entire neighborhood.

    But why put up with such an annoyance in the early hours of the morning when it can be resolved immediately?

    Markham Garage Door Bros can repair your squeaking hardware.

    However, if you believe you can handle the malfunction on your own, continue reading to find out.

    Some overhead door malfunction can be fixed with minor adjustments.

    But for a reliable and robust garage door repair, our specialist in Markham is up 24/7 to aid you.

    Common Reasons Why Overhead Door Gets Stuck

    There are several reasons why the overhead door squeals, grits, rattles, and causes other problems.

    But, the primary cause of the garage roller door becoming stuck, however, is the friction caused by daily use.

    Furthermore, given the amount of daily wear on the hardware, most homeowners, if not all, dismiss the idea of lubricating it.

    However, with regular maintenance, the rollers can be kept in good condition, allowing the component to last longer.

    1. Rollers lack lubrication

    As previously stated, due to a lack of grease and the door receiving a significant amount of daily wear, the rollers can dry out.

    To sort out your dry rollers, make sure they will receive enough lubrication.

    Lubrication should be done on a regular basis or as needed to ensure a smooth and quiet operation.

    2. Remove any rust build-up on the rollers

    Rollers are primarily made of a material that can rust, and they are not lubricated on a regular basis.

    Rust is one of the most common causes of garage door rollers becoming stuck.

    Often, the homeowner is unaware that it has dried and is forcing it to traverse the track, causing a bothersome sound.

    With today’s options, homeowners can replace the rollers with stainless-steel, nylon, or plastic rollers.

    3. Replace broken or worn rollers

    Another common reason for garage door rollers becoming stuck is that the component has worn out.

    If your garage door isn’t working properly, thoroughly inspect the hardware and replace any broken parts.

    When it comes to garage door problems, you should always seek professional assistance.

    Keep in mind that the garage door is made up of intricate parts that require technical knowledge to repair.

    Can I Prevent the Overhead Door from Getting Stuck?

    Most mechanical door rollers can last up to 20 years if properly cared for.

    Regular maintenance checks on the hardware will aid in the prevention of costly repairs, inconvenience, and safety issues.

    Here are a few helpful hints to keep your garage door rollers from becoming stuck.

    1. Lubricate the rollers. Look for a lithium-based lubricant and apply it to the rollers twice a year or as needed for long-lasting garage door rollers.
    2. Clean and remove any debris. Remove any debris from the track of the garage door rollers to ensure their performance.
    3. Wipe and remove the debris that has accumulated on the metal tracks over time with a damp rag.
    4. Remove accumulated rust build-up. Make sure to use steel wool to remove any rust buildup on the rollers.
    5. Tighten any loose parts. In addition to cleaning and wiping down rust and debris, make sure all loose components are properly tightened.

    Do not overlook the garage door’s preventive care and maintenance requirements.

    In Markham, we provide a variety of low-cost garage door repairs, maintenance, and installations.

    We want to make sure that every garage door in the Markham area is high-performing and secure for every resident.

    Contact us for preventive maintenance bookings and a free estimate on any of our garage door services.


    A garage door that is well-maintained can last longer and even past its lifespan.

    That’s why every homeowner should be aware of the status of their hardware.

    As well as the importance of providing preventive maintenance care to keep it in its working condition.

    If you want to make sure your hardware will receive regular preventive maintenance, talk to us!

    We have extensive services to ensure every garage door in Markham is working 24/7!

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