Heavy Duty Roll-up Commercial Garage Doors Repair

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    Different garage doors have different necessities.

    As such, expect a different specialized service tailor-fitted for doors that are common in business establishments.

    Heavy duty garage doors need heavy duty work.

    More caliber services are necessary to give commercial garage doors the care they need.

    Heavy duty roll-up doors need more focus as the material for the doors is commercial-grade.

    Markham Garage Door Bros has an assortment of garage door services.

    Our work ranges from residential garage doors up to commercial garage doors.

    We offer heavy duty roll-up commercial garage doors repair services for all businesses in Markham.

    Our focus on heavy duty services entails a lot of experience in the commercial setting.

    Our team of specialists knows how to take care of doors that are made for business-grade applications.

    You might have the impression that the services for commercial doors cost differently.

    You don’t need to worry as we offer affordable work for all kinds of doors.

    As different doors have different needs, it means all garage doors have various costs for services.

    You should adequately allocate money for business expenses.

    If you want to inquire about commercial garage door services, we can give you a free quotation.

    If you ever experience any damage to your garage doors, we are available in Markham to give you our work.

    Call us for damages to your commercial roll-up door.

    Torsion spring repair

    Torsion springs roll up the door sheet on the top.

    Most roll-up garage doors don’t use a track or tension springs to keep the door in place.

    Damage to the torsion spring can result in a problematic door.

    A broken torsion spring can cause you a day’s worth of business.

    It happens when the torsion springs start to loosen up or garner rust.

    Old springs also cause the torsion spring to wear out faster.

    Operator repair service

    Imagine big vehicles going through the warehouse entrance.

    Most roll-up doors have the automation option.

    Remotes should control the movement of the door.

    If there is a problem with sensors or detectors that should signal the door to open, a remote configuration is necessary.

    Specialists should fix the power aspect of the door and the remote control.

    A faulty wire can also result in an operator malfunction.

    Drum alignment issues

    The drum is the metal that keeps the metal sheet in an aligned barrel during its roll-up.

    If the drum has any damage, expect some uneven roll-up sheets as the door opens up.

    During installations, the drum can experience misalignments.

    A misalignment means the door may not align into a perfect barrel.

    To stop your garage door sheet panel from rolling into an imperfect barrel, contact us.

    We can fix the drum and its placement and offer other solutions such as replacements.

    Garage door sheet damage

    It’s normal to see a garage door sheet panel garnering damages.

    However, it happens over time as the sheet experiences daily usage.

    Scratches will be visible; if you want to mitigate them, a repair service is available to solve the problem.

    If there are unexpected dents to the panel, it can cause problems while the sheet rolls up.

    Machinery and vehicles can bump the door sheets, which can cause impairments as well.

    You need to book for our repair job to fix the dents and deep scratches.

    Noisy commercial garage door

    It may not be considered a problem in daily business activities.

    However, a noisy garage door is a symptom of garage door issues.

    When you start to hear noises from the garage door, something is going on.

    Any damage to the garage door system can be present.

    Call professionals to inspect the door.

    When we find a problem, we can offer you a repair solution to keep the issues from escalating.

    Don’t leave your commercial roll-up unfixed, and book an appointment with our team!

    We are Markham Garage Door Bros, and we offer services specially made for your heavy-duty doors.

    We offer our work with a specialized service for commercial roll-up doors.

    You don’t need to look anywhere else in Markham for heavy duty roll-up commercial garage doors repair services.

    Our work includes all kinds of garage doors in the business settings around Markham.

    No brand, model, or make can limit our expertise for your garage door.

    We will fix your garage doors as you continue to grow your business.

    Book an appointment with our team for services and maintenance works.

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