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Being exposed to daily wear and extreme weather, our hardware will lose its resilient qualities eventually.

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Aside from the damaging elements, most of us often overlook the importance of maintenance checks.

These combined detrimental components increase the deterioration of the overhead door.

As a result, our hardware will show faulty operations or will stop completely at the worst possible time.

Moreover, having a reliable garage door installer nearby assures prompt repairs to get your hardware back on track.

If you’re planning to replace your worn-out hardware panel, connect with the expert installers in Markham!

Markham Garage Door Bros is a trusted service provider offering you a wide selection of garage door installation services.

If you’re having issues with your mechanical door, get it repaired right away!

We assure you that our professional technician will provide you with outstanding services 24/7!

Why Should You Hire A Professional Installer?

Given today’s availability of equipment, it allowed us to do things on our own even without the supervision of professionals.

But considering the mechanical hardware’s intricate composition, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Besides the delicate components, the panel’s weight makes it even more complicated to handle a DIY installation.

Hiring a professional installer will not only ensure durable and thorough repairs. But it will also save you time and unnecessary expenses in the future.

Professional garage door installers like us have combined years of experience and skills.

Our satisfied and repeat customers are living testament to our excellent performance in providing high-standard services.

If you want to make sure your hardware embraces robust and excellent features, entrust the garage door installation to us!

Our Installation Costs and Services

Whether it’s for a residential or commercial garage door installation in Markham, you can rely on us 24/7.

When it comes to our installation costs and services, it will depend on the needed services.

We deeply understand that every owner uses their hardware uniquely. Meaning, you may or may not need a total replacement of the hardware panel.

Thus, we highly recommend you to call us so we can do a site visit and evaluate the situation properly.

Our expert technician is highly trained to locate and identify what your hardware needs. Furthermore, you can rely on us to provide you with appropriate measures.

We work with various types of garage door materials for residential and commercial property.


Flexible, durable and, cheap–these are the key benefits of a steel garage door. That’s why most homeowners prefer steel-made hardware owing to its stellar advantages.

The only disadvantage with a steel-made door is that it dents easily and is prone to corrosion for those who reside in the coastal areas.

We highly recommended a double layer of galvanized steel and insulation to make the most out of the hardware. Besides, the upkeep cost for steel doors is attainable.


Aluminum and steel both share the same characteristics. Just like the steel, aluminum-made doors dent easily and are subject to rust. However, aluminum is lighter and cheaper than steel.

With consistent upkeep, you may be able to prevent rust formation and dents at the earliest signs. Aluminum is also flexible allowing you to mimic a wood texture.

Wood Composite

Wood composite is environmentally friendly since it is made out of sustainable and recycled wood fibers.

This hardware is more durable than real wood and less expensive when it comes to maintenance. Aside from that, it’s rot and splitting-resistant.


A fiberglass-made door is lighter yet durable over its counterparts that dents and rust easily.

Commonly and known to all, fiberglass has poor insulation qualities. However, with today’s innovation, you achieve lightweight and durable hardware with good insulation.

Consult your service provider on how you can make the best out of a fiberglass-made door.

Professional Installers in Markham 24/7

With today’s wide selection of garage door materials, you can easily find the hardware of your dreams.

Moreover, to achieve both durability and curb appeal, consult our expert technician to provide you honest advice.

If you want us to work with your preferred services, trust us to help you throughout the process.

That’s why we are here to help you weigh your options and work them out to your heart’s desire.

For garage door installation, book our expert technician in Markham so we can start our assessment today!

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