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    A dent is one of the most common damages to a garage door.

    Your garage door can gain a dent at any time.

    Dents can result from bumping heavy objects or accidentally backing up your car on the garage door.

    Did you hurl a baseball the wrong way towards your garage?

    No matter what the cause is, a dent entails repair service.

    Prevent further damage to your garage door by fixing it as soon as possible.

    Nobody wants to look at an unpleasant garage door dent.

    It doesn’t only cause unwanted sights to your residence.

    A dent can cause compromise to the structural integrity of the door.

    A single dent can result in hinges giving out and a garage door prone to falling unexpectedly.

    If you want to maintain the safety a garage door offers, get a garage door dent repair.

    You deserve the peace of mind that only a flawless door can offer.

    Markham Garage Door Bros can give you the service that you need.

    We are no strangers to dents in the garage door.

    We want to give the service that leads to a perfect garage door again.

    Prepare to say goodbye to a dent that can affect the performance of your garage door.

    It’s not worth it to wait out until a garage door has more dents.

    Call us for your repair service now.

    Examine the dent

    Before you panic about a dent in the garage door, perform an assessment first.

    There are minor dents that won’t cause as much damage as possible.

    However, some dents can make your garage door panels fragile.

    Take a look at the dent first and figure out if it’s too deformed or too deep.

    If the dent causes some issues when you open or close the door, you can count it as an emergency.

    Not all dents have the same method of fixing, which is why you should call professionals to help you.

    Repair methods for minor dents

    There are many ways you can fix a garage door dent at home.

    For minor dents, you can try doing a self-fix to solve the problem.

    Since the dent is not big enough to cause other damages to the door panel, you can opt to do a DIY.

    All you need is some tools to put the dent back in place.

    Hammer or mallet

    You can fix aluminum garage door dents by hammering out dents.

    You can use a mallet to hammer out the dent from its place.

    Use a block of wood and put it on the opposite side of the panel.

    Then, slowly hit the door panel with a mallet while straightening the dent.

    Do this repeatedly until you get a flat door panel.

    Suction cups

    Another method you can do is use a suction cup.

    This method is helpful for minor dents.

    Use a suction cup for any metal garage door dent.

    Position the cup in the side of the door panel that doesn’t protrude.

    Pull the cup out until the dent goes back in the panel.

    These methods work best for minor dents.

    Since the door only suffers from a deformity, you can put it back in place.

    The vital thing to note is that the dent doesn’t cause further impairment to the other parts of the garage door.

    Get dent repair service for bigger damages

    Minor dents are simpler to repair.

    For more significant dents, you need to call a repair service for the job.

    Consider that your safety is a priority.

    With other damages that may be present on the door, don’t compromise yourself.

    It’s better to get professionals for an initial examination and repair.

    Professional garage door dent repairs are available all the time in Markham.

    All you need to do is call us for the work.

    We give professional dent repairs in Markham. You can schedule an appointment with us anytime!

    We are Markham Garage Door Bros, and we offer our work for any dent.

    No matter what material and make your garage door is, we can fix the dent.

    Our goal is to avoid damage that can cause more expensive repairs to your garage door.

    We know it’s not sustainable to keep calling garage door repair services for damages that aren’t far apart in time.

    It can take a toll on your budget and expenses.

    Book a job with us for long-lasting dent repairs.

    We will give you the work that will last a long time.

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