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Commercial Services

We know how important safety is for commercial workspaces, which is why we only stock the safest and most reliable overhead doors. If you’re looking to buy a new commercial garage door for your property, you can call us for any installation or replacement.


Residential Services

We think there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a smoothly opening and closing garage door. This can be achieved easily with a brand new garage door from our collection of the newest models and styles. We also aim for the same satisfaction in our repairs, so we can provide the same results on a budget. Get in touch now, we’re happy to help.


We can help to get things running smoothly again in next to no time with our door motor repairs and replacement services. If you are in Markham and experiencing motor problems with your garage door, speak to us now so we can identify the best option for you.


Faulty garage door openers are a common issue we come across, which means we know how to fix or replace all types of openers.

Call Markham Garage Door Bros for your opener repairs and replacements.


If you are experiencing problems with your automatic opener for your garage door it’s highly recommended that you don’t try to undertake any repair work yourself. Allow one of our trained technicians to fix the problem correctly and safely, just call us and we’ll guide you through our automatic opener services.


Cable condition is something that affects the longevity of your garage door, and it’s one of the first things we look at when we do repairs. Call us to schedule an appointment to have your cables condition checked and serviced by a professional.


When you replace the springs of your garage door, you take all the weight out of the equation. Well functioning springs take the pressure off the door and make it effortless to open and close. Speak to us if you’re straining to open and close your overhead door.


We have the best sensors available to help make entering and exiting your property as easy as possible, with advanced technology at affordable prices. Let us know if you have problems with your garage door sensor and we’ll be pleased to offer you some helpful advice.

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