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Is your opener struggling to open or close the garage door? Or, when you prompted to lower the panel–it slanted on the other side of the threshold?

Considering the mechanism of our garage door, chances are your springs and cables are worn or extremely frayed. Meaning, it’s time to get your garage door cable repaired.

Our hardware opens and closes more than a thousand times a year.

The main parts of the garage door that gets worn out as much as the others are the cables.

After confirming that your cables need to be replaced, call for an expert technician’s help!

Replacing the cable may require proper tools, skills, and experience to avoid any serious injury.

That’s why Markham Garage Door Bros is here to provide you proper assistance.

We have years of unbeatable experience in the industry providing stellar garage door repairs in Markham.

So, when you need an expert technician for garage door cable repair, give us a call right away!

Why Should You Call Us for Repairs?

A compromised and broken overhead door poses an array of potential safety hazards. Doing the repairs by yourself may put you in harm’s way including your family if it’s not done right.

Some homeowners shy away from hiring a professional technician to lower any expenditure.

However, the potential risk is way beyond the expenses of employing the services of a repairman.

Furthermore, entrusting the repairs to the professional gives you stellar benefits, durable and long-lasting repairs.

When your hardware begins to show anomalous functions, get it inspected to avoid higher repair costs.

  1. Your overhead door panel is visibly misaligned or slanted
  2. Extremely frayed cables due to defective bearings
  3. When you hear a grinding sound or burning smell–check your bearings and cables
  4. Cable(s) is visibly hanging loose
  5. Any irregular functions or anomalies

One of the most effective ways to avoiding expensive repair costs is to get the hardware fixed right away.

When your hardware shows any anomalies, call the experts in Markham immediately!

Do not wait until you will hear a loud bang coming from the garage. Aside from that, do not disregard the importance of regular maintenance checks.

Schedule for Regular Preventive Maintenance Check

If you want to avoid expensive repairs or total replacement of the hardware, do a regular maintenance check.

Technically, preventive maintenance should be done before the cold season or humidity is at its peak.

For a thorough preventive maintenance check, call for help from your trustworthy technician.

Then, you should do a follow-up routine check. A maintenance check does not necessarily mean you have to do the tedious technical task.

As the owner, you can do a thorough visual inspection and lubrication. If you notice any signs of damage that are beyond your skills, call for the expert repairman in Markham.

Repair and Replacement Costs of the Broken Cable

The average repair or replacement cost of a broken cable is around 80 to 200 dollars. Moreover, the service cost will depend on the severity of the damage.

To provide you with the necessary details and costs of services, our technician will assess your hardware thoroughly.

Chances are your garage door may not only need a new cable replacement. So, we highly recommend you to call us so we can dispatch our technician to your place.

We assure you that our team will diagnose your hardware properly and provide you with appropriate measures.

Our technicians will lay all the necessary options to get your hardware fixed. And if you want us to work with your means, do let our technicians know.

If our technician sees the necessity of the repairs, we highly suggest considering the professional’s opinion.

We value our customer’s safety and your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

Call Us Anytime for Repairs and Replacements in Markham!

We know how inconvenient garage door malfunctions can be especially if it occurs at the most unexpected time.

That’s why we made sure when your hardware will break down; we’re available to respond to your call!

Our technicians are up 24/7 for emergency repairs anywhere in Markham!

Entrust the garage door repair or replacement to us for high-quality and durable hardware.

For preventive maintenance checks, set an appointment with us anytime!

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