Garage Door Spring Repair: What You Should Know

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    We cannot emphasize enough the importance of replacing and repairing the hardware’s spring by a professional technician.

    Garage door spring repair is not a task for everyone.

    Doing the repairs on your own is likely putting your life in danger especially if you lack the necessary skills and experience.

    So, if your springs are frayed and need to be replaced, don’t try to do the repairs yourself.

    And if you’re in a hurry and need to get the hardware back up and running, contact the specialist technician in Markham.

    Markham Garage Door Bros is a dedicated expert technician providing excellent services to make sure you’re safe and secured.

    Do not put off the replacement of your broken spring (s).

    We are only a phone call away from getting it done quickly and efficiently!

    What You Should Know About Your Garage Door Spring

    Before we begin repairing or replacing your hardware’s broken springs, we must first address some critical information.

    Do you know that there are various types of garage door springs available on the market?

    Here are the springs that we install to make every hardware light and function seamlessly.

    Extension Spring

    With long and skinny features, this spring is seen vertically mounted or installed on the sides of the overhead door panel.

    The extension spring is in charge of either pulling or lifting the panel.

    There are several types of extension springs and these are:

    1. Clipped-End Extension Spring. Among the other types, clipped-end extension springs are the most powerful, capable of supporting up to 200 pounds of door panel weight.

    2. Double-Looped Extension Spring. After clipped-end, double-looped is the best robust extension spring.

    It is easily recognized with its two (2) coils at the spring’s end that are connected to the hardware’s eye-bolt and pulley.

    3. Open-Looped Extension Spring. The weakest spring among its counterparts. When this breaks, you’re going to replace the entire components.

    Torsion Spring(s)

    The torsion spring is responsible for smoothly lowering and raising the panel.

    It can be seen installed horizontally above–at the center of the door panel.

    The component’s primary function is to match the design and weight of your hardware.

    So, before installing your torsion spring, you must first determine the size and weight of the overhead door panel.

    1. Standard. As the name implies, this type of torsion spring is found in the majority of lightweight residential garage doors.
    2. Torque-master. It is seen enclosed to the torsion shaft and held in place by a winding cone.
    3. Steel rolling door. Torsion springs of this type are commonly used in commercial or industrial overhead doors.
    4. Early-set. It has the same characteristics as the standard type, but it is only mounted in the center of the torsion shaft.

    Colors: Torsion Spring Lifting Capacity

    The lifting capacity of a torsion spring varies. Know the color of your unit to avoid installing the wrong torsion spring to your hardware.

    The colors represent the weight of the panel on which they are supported.

    • Tan – 100-pound door panel
    • White – 110-pound door panel
    • Green – 120-pound door panel
    • Yellow – 130-pound door panel
    • Blue – 140-pound door panel
    • Red – 150-pound door panel
    • Brown – 160-pound door panel
    • Orange – 170-pound door panel
    • Gold – 180 to 185 pounds door panel
    • Light Blue – 190 pounds door panel

    Don’t be surprised if you come across a Tan-colored torsion spring capable of supporting a 200-pound door panel.

    That’s because the sequencing will repeat from the top to bottom.

    How Do You Repair and Replace the Spring

    We have the option to open and close our hardware manually.

    The springs made every operation smooth and easy.

    Now we have learned about the various types of springs and their functions.

    Let us now move on to the most important aspects of repairing the hardware’s major component.

    However, if you’re going to do your own spring repairs and replacements, proceed with caution.

    Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know about replacing an extension garage door spring.

    First, gather all of the required tools and the replacement spring.

    You should be able to tell which type of spring you need to replace by now.

    Alternatively, you can simply match the new springs to the old springs.

    1. Let go of the tension. Simply lift the door panel all the way up and lock it in place.
    2. Keep the panel in place by locking it in place. Locking the door will prevent any accidents from occurring, such as a sudden movement or closing the door panel while working.
    3. Unplug the device. This can be accomplished by unplugging the door panel from the opener.
    4. Put or assemble the replacement spring together.
    5. Remove the worn-out springs and replace them with the new set.
    6. Then, stretch the springs about an inch after installation.
    7. Remove the clamps, and then make the necessary adjustments.

    After that, run the functionality test.

    Furthermore, we strongly advise you to seek technical assistance when it comes to replacing a broken spring.

    Need Assistance?

    Make an appointment with our specialist technician to ensure robust and reliable garage door spring repair.

    Should you need assistance–we are open 24/7 to accommodate all your overhead door repair needs.

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