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Garage Door Automatic Opener Repair Services in Markham

Openers are small yet powerful components that drive the garage door panels up and down during operation.

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Moreover, considering the size of the device, the opener assists in lifting and lowering the door panel a thousand times per year.

Despite its purpose, many garage owners take the exceptional convenience of garage door openers for granted.

Just like our mechanical door, the opener receives as much wearing every day.

That’s why it’s almost inevitable for the unit to fail and stop working eventually.

In keeping the device in its optimal condition, a preventive maintenance check should be done regularly.

Routine maintenance helps prevent mild yet progressive damages to the opener.

Ignoring the faulty operations at the earliest signs may permanently damage the garage door opener.

Moreover, for proper assistance, call Markham Garage Door Bros! We are available for garage door automatic opener repair 24/7!

How to troubleshoot a faulty automatic opener?

We mentioned earlier that some issues are manageable with little adjustments.

So, before you proceed with calling your trusted technician, you may want to assess your hardware first. By doing so, simply follow the procedure listed below.

Moreover, for repairs that are beyond your skills and knowledge, give us a call to sort the issues immediately.

The wall switch and remote control do not work

First, you have to make sure that the device is connected to the power source. Then, prompt the wall switch and remote control alternately.

If the door panel does not respond both to the switch and remote control, check for electrical devices.

Electrical devices such as GFCI will likely interfere with the opener’s frequency.

Lastly, make sure the fuse is not blown. Otherwise, replace accordingly.

If the issue still exists after troubleshooting, call for technical assistance.

Faulty or interference

Another reason why the opener will not respond to the remote control could be interference.

We mentioned earlier that electrical devices may have caused the faulty operation.

However, another reason why the opener will not respond to the remote when prompted could be the antenna is out of range.

Travel or limit setting issues

Did your hardware panel backed up before it even hit the ground?

If this is your case, you can troubleshoot the device by readjusting the closing or opening setting.

To proceed, use your opener’s manual as a reference. Otherwise, from the opener–locate the screw for force adjustment.

Using a flathead screw, slowly turn the screw once in the direction where your opener is having issues.

However, we recommend asking for assistance to properly address the issue.

Some minor problems may lead to major issues. Other than that, it may cause further damage to the hardware.

It’s best to leave the technical repairs to a trusted service provider.

Generally, when you can’t find your way around your mechanical hardware, do not attempt to fix it.

Call your trusted service provider in Markham to effectively provide you concrete and long-lasting solutions.

That’s because aside from the list of faulty operations stated above, your hardware may have other underlying issues.

To effectively sort out the issues and get your hardware back up and running, call us anytime.

Hire an Expert Technician in Markham

When it comes to a broken garage door, hiring an expert technician assures you high-quality and durable repairs.

Some automatic opener issues are manageable with minor adjustments. But, other issues may require technical assistance.

Moreover, we highly recommend leaving the repairs to the expert to effectively resolve the problems.

Our technicians have unbeatable years of experience in the industry providing excellent and time-tested methods.

We don’t simply provide you the needed services. We value your safety and we want to ensure that your hardware is fully functional 24/7.

Call Us Anytime for Fast Repairs Anywhere in Markham!

Do not delay the repairs and get the garage door automatic opener repaired today!

We have excellent years of providing outstanding and long-lasting garage door services in Markham.

We value our customers and your safety is always of utmost importance. We are your service provider that cares.

If you want to experience top-notch quality services, workmanship, and affordable rates–set an appointment with us today!

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