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Expert Garage Door Sensor Repair & Replacement Services

Since our hardware operates intensively every day, they are prone to deterioration and failure. When they do, it can significantly hinder our productivity.

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We have emphasized enough the importance of a seamless and fully operational garage door.

That’s the main reason why keeping the hardware in its peak condition is vital.

That said, to avoid any inconveniences in the future, routine maintenance should be done regularly.

That’s because when we continue to neglect minor issues, it could turn into severe problems in the long run.

We Markham Garage Door Bros can help you.

We specialize in an array of excellent garage door services in Markham!

When your hardware manifests even the slightest malfunction, give it a thorough inspection. Or, you can simply give us a call anytime!

Here are the reasons why our garage door sensor malfunctions and what can we do to sort out the issue.

Simple Troubleshooting Tips for a Seamless Hardware

We all know that our hardware is an integral component that connects from one system to another.

So, before confirming the main issue is our safety sensors, do the following steps listed below.

Moreover, for safe, reliable, and durable repairs–don’t shy away from the expert technicians in Markham.

Free from obstruction

To ensure the functionality of the sensors, first, clear the panel’s path of any obstruction.

Check for proper alignment of the laser. Then, make sure the sensors are wiped clean.

After doing the necessary steps, you can now place an object under the panel’s path.

Then, prompt the hardware panel down. Technically, the panel should reverse as a normal response.

If the panel continues to close all the way down, you may need to locate another issue.

Damaged sensors

Damaged sensors are highly possible seeing where the devices are installed that is either side of the door panel.

You may have bumped the sensors through your car, pets, ball, and the likes.

And if you don’t have the prior skills to replace your broken or damaged sensors, give us a call.

Oftentimes, the issue is beyond just a broken sensor. We assure you that we will thoroughly diagnose your hardware.

Not enough power source

Moreover, if what has been stated above is not the case, check your garage door opener.

After the most basic troubleshooting, chances of an electrical issue to the opener are possible.

Check the opener for flashing lights or the absence of light. If the opener exhibits the following issues, you may need to call for technical support.

Chances of electrocution are possible if you don’t have the necessary skills and knowledge to do the repairs.

As an alternative, simply disengage your opener from the power source. Then, call your trusted technician in Markham

Can I Replace the Broken Safety Sensors?

After confirming a broken or damaged sensor(s), here’s what you can do to replace the broken component.

Connect with the best expert technician in Markham. Some issues with your hardware are manageable with some simple troubleshooting.

However, this type of repair is not for everybody. Unless you have prior knowledge of electrical devices, you can do so with precedence to your safety.

We highly recommend you call for technical support to avoid exposing you and your family to the potential risks.

Aside from faulty sensors, the hardware might have other underlying issues.

To sort the issue effectively, it’s best to leave the technical repairs to the experts.

Our Service Repair Costs

Since our garage door is considered part of our daily commodities, trust us to provide you with affordable rates.

We don’t want to burden our valued customers. And your safety is of great value to us.

For proper estimates of the needed services, talk to us directly. Our staff is on the line–ready to answer all your concerns.

For seamless hardware, schedule an appointment with us for preventive maintenance checks.

Call Us Anytime for Repairs and Replacement!

For garage door sensor repair in Markham–call the expert repairman!

Our unbeatable years of providing excellent services to the residents in Markham show how dedicated we are to our job.

If you’re experiencing any minor to major issues with your hardware, do not delay the repairs, simply call us right away!

You don’t want to spend more on unnecessary and expensive repair costs in the future!

Trust us to provide you with long-lasting and excellent garage door sensor repair in Markham!

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