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Professional Garage Door Opener Repair Service in Markham

Modern garage door openers offer a significant level of convenience that most owners take for granted.

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We use our garage doors thousands of times per year and expect them to operate flawlessly every time.

With a simple tap of a button in your wall switch or remote, we can enter your garage space conveniently.

However, the moving and powered components of the garage door opener will wear out over time. As a result, the hardware will show subtle signs and symptoms.

Technically, troubleshooting an older garage door opener unit will likely extend its lifespan.

However, that will depend on the extent of the repairs or damage to the device.

Otherwise, it will tell you whether you need to replace it to prevent safety risks and future hassles.

Moreover, for durable and efficient repairs, call Markham Garage Door Bros. We are servicing Markham and its surrounding areas 24/7.

If you’re experiencing the following issues, get the garage door opener repaired right away!

The opener wall switch is not working

If you have a relatively old opener unit, you’re likely to experience problems with the wall switch.

First, carefully inspect the wall switch before you proceed to troubleshoot the device.

Check the opener’s indicator lights for connection issues.

If any of the indicators are off, chances are that the opener motor isn’t getting any power to operate.

A wiring ground fault or damaged switch could cause your garage door opener motor to stop working.

Consider checking your garage’s circuit breaker or ground fault interrupter switch for trip-offs.

After confirming that either one of those switches is having nuisance tripping, call for technical assistance.

Do not try to repair this type of issue as it poses a safety risk such as electrocution.

As an alternative, you can disengage the garage door operator from the panels.

By doing so, simply pull the trolley chain so that the door panels can move independently.

Loose parts

Strange noises in the garage door opener motor indicate a mechanical meltdown.

Meaning, some structural parts like bolts and nuts might have reached their end.

If you notice that some external bolts and screws come loose, you can tighten these yourself.

Otherwise, mechanical meltdown inside the housing may require drive gear servicing.

Perhaps, prompting an ultimate replacement of the garage door opener.

Excessive Vibration

Most people would think that a vibrating garage door opener is normal. In most cases, a vibrating panel is harmless.

However, if the motor vibrates excessively, it indicates a bent shafting, worn-out armatures, or the lack of adequate vibration padding.

An excessively vibrating garage opener could eventually fall off from its mounting onto you or your vehicle.

The opener retracted or reverses

If your garage door reverses right after it opens or closes, it may have malfunctioning security sensors.

Most of the time, dirt and grime accumulate on the sensors. As a result, it may send the wrong signal to the opener motors.

Wiping those sensors with a dry cloth should fix the issue.

Other than cleaning the sensors, it may need realignment. If the sensors are misaligned, they could trip the system.

That’s because the sensors would falsely detect obstacles or give bad readings.

Creates non-tolerable noise

Chain drive garage openers are usually noisy. However, due to the frequency of use, the chain drive will loosen up.

Aside from that, it may even cause skipping to the trolley drive, resulting in a louder noise.

If this is the case, some simple troubleshooting may fix the issue.

Or, call your trusted garage door technician to diagnose and troubleshoot the unit.

Our expert technicians will readily service your garage door opener as soon as you set an appointment.

Call the Expert Repairman in Markham!

Neglecting minor issues with your garage door opener unit can lead to expensive repair costs.

Minor problems can also damage other garage door components and expose yourself to safety hazards.

Therefore, when your hardware exhibits unusual functions, do not delay the repairs.

Set an appointment with us today, and we’ll be in and out within the hour, leaving your garage door opener in great shape.

We assure you to leave your place only with seamless and fully functional hardware.

We’re servicing Markham and its surrounding areas 24/7.

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