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Considering how many times our hardware opens and closes in a year–there’s no doubt for unexpected breakdowns.

Being exposed to an array of damaging elements, our garage door along with its components will wear out eventually.

However, one of the most dreaded situations we all don’t want to encounter is a broken garage door spring.

A broken or damaged spring entails an array of safety risks. To keep you and your family safe, call your trusted service provider in Markham.

Markham Garage Door Bros specializes in keeping your hardware to its ideal and fully functional condition.

We have been in the industry providing stellar and durable garage door repairs.

To further serve your needs and interests–our technical team is up 24/7 to get your hardware up and running!

So, if you’re in the middle of this inconvenient situation, call the experts in Markham! Our technical team is up 24/7 for fast and reliable repairs.

Your satisfaction and safety are of utmost importance to us. We don’t just provide a long-lasting repair–we are your service provider that cares.

Why Should You Hire an Expert Technician?

Some garage door issues are manageable with simple troubleshooting.

But when it comes to garage door springs replacement, you might want to leave them to the experts.

Our hardware has two different types of springs–these are torsion and extension springs.

Depending on what needs to be replaced, both springs entail safety risks.

To avoid compromising your safety and exposing your family to faulty hardware, call the expert technicians in Markham.

For future reference, provide your hardware with the needed routine maintenance checks.

Not only it will help avoid any mechanical door mishaps, but it will not also ask for costly repairs.

Take care of your garage door spring to avoid compromising you and your family.

Formation of rust

Springs are made of metal. Every product made of steel or metal is subject to corrosion.

If we neglect to provide the needed routine upkeep needs, the rust will accumulate and weaken the springs.

Proper lubrication with the right product will help sort out the issue.

Routine upkeep

Springs are considered one of the major components of the garage door.

It receives a substantial amount of wear and tears that’s why it needs to be checked regularly.

As mentioned above, with proper lubrication and regular visual inspection, severe garage door mishaps can be avoided.

End of life

The maximum lifespan of the spring is around 18,000 cycles. When it reaches its limit, it will begin to wear out.

Other than that, we use our hardware differently. Chances are, some homeowners may need spring replacement twice a year.

When to Call Your Expert Technician for Replacements?

When your hardware will begin to manifest unusual functions, give it a thorough inspection.

Once you have confirmed the need for repairs and replacements, delegate the services accordingly.

Here’s how to recognize your hardware needs to be checked and replaced.

  1. The hardware is noticeably difficult to lift open
  2. The panel will not remain open–it will slam shut
  3. Sluggish movement when prompted to open or close
  4. Producing unusual or strange noises

Rule of thumb; do not delay the repairs to avoid costly and severe damages to the hardware.

Instead of just having a broken spring, you might end up replacing the entire garage door due to the severity of the damage.

Therefore, always subject your hardware to preventive maintenance checks.

24-Hour Repairman in Markham

We offer a wide selection of garage door services to get your hardware seamless and fully functional.

Considering the mechanism and exposure to an array of damaging elements–our hardware will break down unexpectedly.

With a reliable service provider nearby–Markham Garage Door Bros will assist you 24/7 anywhere in Markham!

We know your concerns when it comes to garage doors. If you want to know the services and its costs–call us directly.

We provide free estimates on all our services. Simply give us a call and we will gladly answer all your concerns.

Call Us for Seamless and Excellent Repairs in Markham!

Our unbeatable years of experience in providing excellent services are a testament to our dedication to our job.

Therefore, don’t shy away from the experts and entrust all the needed repairs to our expert technicians in Markham!

Talk to us directly so we can sort out your garage door issues efficiently!

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