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A typical garage motor operates more than 1000 times a year. Hence, it is expected that garage motors will wear off over time.

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As a result of your worn-out motor, you will experience unexpected failures and faulty operations along the way.

If you continue to neglect a minor garage motor issue, it will lead to safety hazards and expensive issues in the long run.

Furthermore, a compromised garage motor is a potential safety hazard, exposing your family to immediate risks.

So, from when it shows signs of faulty operations, call a trusted service provider in Markham.

Markham Garage Door Bros specializes in repairing your garage motor safely and properly.

Listed below are the common issues prompting garage door motor repair.

The switch will Faulty wall switch

One of the most common issues every homeowner will encounter is a faulty switch. Here’s how to inspect your faulty device:

  1. First, check the light indicators for power.
  2. If the garage motor may not receive any power due to wiring faults–inspect the circuit breaker or ground fault circuit interrupter for trip-offs.
  3. Another option is completely disengaging the garage opener carriage and operating the garage door manually.

By doing so, simply pull the chain to operate the door panel without using the faulty motor.

Moreover, if you don’t know your way around with the device, call your nearby trusted service provider in Markham.

The motor runs even after the panel has completely closed

A poorly adjusted close limit switch may cause the motor to keep running even if the garage door is fully opened or closed.

To resolve the faulty operation, you need to readjust or calibrate the opener’s close limit switch.

You may refer to your garage door opener‘s manual for proper adjustments. However, if you’re not confident to carry out the task, do not shy away from an expert technician.

The motor is stalling or does not run at all

First, check the hardware’s sensor. Safety sensors are responsible for sending the signal to the motor.

So, whenever an object is blocking the garage door’s track, it will not lower the panel. However, a few things can cause these sensors to develop nuisance problems.

The most common one is an accumulation of dirt and grime in the sensor lens. Simply wipe the lenses down with a dry microfiber cloth to sort out this issue.

Another probable cause is poor sensor alignment. The sensors have red and green beam lights that should point in a parallel line.

If both beams aren’t aligned, they could send a false signal to the motor. As a result, the motor stalls mid-operation.

Lastly, check for physical obstructions in the garage door trolley. Perhaps, you might have missed a rope or cable hanging, causing the issue to arise.

The motor does not respond when prompted

In case this is the issue, check your remote control batteries first. Batteries would weaken over time and may need replacement.

After replacing the battery, prompt the remote control. Make sure that you’re near the garage when troubleshooting.

After attempting to sort the issue and the problem still exists, you may need to replace your remote. Moreover, for proper assessment, call for technical support.

Not only can you avoid spending on unnecessary replacements, an expert technician provides a proper assessment and appropriate measures.

The motor produces a grinding sound but the panel will not move

If this is the case, chances are you might have a damaged drive gear.

A motor drive gear is a plastic component that transmits mechanical power from the garage motor to operate the trolley carriage.

Due to frequency of use, the drive gear may wear out and lose gear teeth over time.

This issue is difficult to replace and may require specific tools and safety gear.

That’s because the only way to take out a motor drive gear is by removing the main housing and other components in the garage motor.

Therefore, the best advice for this type of faulty operation is to call your trusted service provider in Markham.

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Faulty operations or broken parts of the hardware, do not attempt to fix if you don’t have the right tools and skills.

Not only will it save you time but it also prevents severe injuries and exposure to safety risks.

Entrust the repairs to us! We have the tools, personnel, and experience to service, install and replace any garage door motors safely and efficiently.

Our team is ready round-the-clock to conduct emergency repairs and services with consumer-friendly repair costs.

Schedule an appointment with us, and we’ll arrive prepared to get your garage motor in great shape! Call our team now!

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