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    Most homeowners use the garage as the main entrance and exit of the property.

    Meaning, every day the garage door is subjected to a variety of harmful elements including frequency of use and tension.

    The tracks, for example, are one aspect of the system that gets a lot of use.

    That’s why it’s not a surprise if the door panel comes loose from its track.

    The rollers, springs, tracks, and opener are the components that allow the garage door to glide up and down effortlessly.

    So, when the panel has come off its track, don’t let another day go by.

    Get it fixed right away to avoid unnecessary accidents.

    Leaving it derailed and compromised poses a safety risk to you and your family.

    Markham Garage Door Bros offer same-day garage door off-track repair and other major services.

    We are available for repairs and installations anywhere in Markham 24 hours a day!

    What Causes the Garage Door to Come Off its Track

    There are varying reasons why overhead doors come off their track.

    But, given the hardware’s mechanism, it’s not a surprise when the panel will slip off from its path.

    Aside from the daily tension, here are some of the reasons why we encounter this issue, such as:

    • The tracks are bent. The frequency of use can wear out the tracks causing them to bend.
    • Accident. Accidentally backed up the hardware panel. The force or impact from the accident can send the door panel to come off its tracks.
    • Poor quality. The hardware is estimated to open and close two to three times a day. If you installed a substandard horizontal track, it will most likely fail after a short period of use.
    • Broken or worn-out rollers. Poor maintenance and daily wear or friction increases the tendency of the rollers breaking.
    • Worn or extremely frayed cables. When the lifting cables are severely worn or frayed, the panel is likely to deviate from its intended direction.

    Whether it’s a residential or commercial garage door, any mechanical door will break down somehow.

    Our overhead door is subjected to an enormous amount of wear every day.

    Poor maintenance and daily wear can penetrate the hardware’s components causing it to stop working.

    So, when you encounter any of the following malfunctions, call your trusted repairman in Markham.

    How to Adjust a Misaligned Overhead Door?

    Before you proceed to adjust your hardware, make sure you have the necessary tools and skills.

    Any garage door malfunction or broken parts is a safety hazard that may result in serious injury.

    Moreover, allow us to show you a brief demonstration on how to adjust a misaligned overhead door panel.

    You may use this as a future how-to guide if you have enough confidence, skills, and tools.

    1. First, disconnect the hardware’s opener from the power source. Disengaging it from the opening device allows you to manually open and close the panel.
    2. Then, open the panel all the way to the level of the first roller.
    3. Using the locking pliers, secure the panel in place. This will help avoid work-related injuries
    4. Check the tracks for displaced or broken rollers.
    5. Once the displaced roller(s) is spotted, pry the track open and place it back accordingly.
    6. For broken rollers, replace them accordingly. By doing so, simply remove and install a new set of rollers.
    7. Then, return the track to its original form using the rubber mallet.
    8. Adjust or double-check for proper alignment.
    9. Then, connect the opening device.

    Moreover, if you find the panel is not in place, repeat the above-mentioned steps until the panel is completely aligned.

    For safe and effective repairs, entrust the repairs to the experts in Markham!

    Bottom Line

    Whether it’s a simple hardware malfunction or failure, do not attempt to do the repair on your own.

    This is strongly discouraged for individuals that don’t have enough experience and tools to do complete the task effectively.

    To ensure the hardware is in good working condition, preventive maintenance should be performed regularly.

    It will not only eliminate any built-up wear and tear but will also prolong the life of the hardware.

    Call for technical support for fast and efficient repairs.

    We are open 24/7 for emergency garage door off-track repair in Markham.

    Make an appointment with us today!

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