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Any noise that the garage door makes can be annoying.

But beyond the annoying sound, the fact that it suggests an underlying problem is even more troubling.

We can’t keep our hardware in perfect condition all of the time.

That’s because our hardware is exposed to various detrimental factors that can cause it to deteriorate.

However, with proper preventive maintenance, we can reduce or eliminate any signs of damage at the earliest stage.

That’s why to effectively get rid of the strange or bothersome sound, we should address the issue and get it fixed right away.

Dealing with the problem right away helps avoid causing further harm to the hardware.

And by taking the appropriate precautions will ensure the safety of everyone that goes in and out of the garage

So, if you hear a strange noise coming from your mechanical door, get it fixed right away.

But, if you’re unsure how to troubleshoot your hardware, contact a local expert repairman in Markham.

Markham Garage Door Bros is a company that specializes in restoring your hardware to its original state.

Here are the most common reasons why a garage door will produce an unusual or disturbing sound.

Poor preventive maintenance.

We’re all aware that mechanical doors have a lot of moving parts and gears that need to be lubricated.

Lubricant keeps the hardware running smoothly while also preventing rust build-up.

Furthermore, it enables us to detect any signs of damage at an early stage.

Our hardware is aging.

As mechanical object ages, they can deteriorate.

Every day, the hardware comes into contact with various harmful elements.

These detrimental elements will penetrate into the core components of the hardware shedding its viability.

That’s why as your hardware age, preventive maintenance should be done regularly.

Defective garage door opener.

As estimated, the mechanical door opens twice or thrice a day.

The opening device is just like any part of the overhead door that receives as much wear during operation.

Loose parts or components.

It is an undeniable fact that chain drive generates noise.

But, if there’s beyond the chain’s clinking sound, inspect the hardware thoroughly.

The strain and friction most likely caused the bolts, nuts, rollers, and other moving parts to loosen.

Improper installation.

If you recently replaced and installed your door panel but it produces an unusual noise after the job, double-check and secure

of the door panel can happen and the problem is beyond just an irksome noise.

But it will also pose a safety risk.

Get your hardware insulated.

After assessing the door and still can’t figure the cause of the problem–better get it insulated.

The friction between the gears will produce a sound.

Chances of the sound escaping are anticipated for a poorly insulated panel.

If you think you can’t figure out why your hardware is producing these unusual sounds, call your nearby expert technician.

Overhead Door Noises Every Homeowner Should Know

As previously mentioned, our hardware will fail in some way owing to its function.

But if we diligently provide our hardware with its much-needed maintenance needs, it reduces the risk of serious damages.

So, when you hear the hardware produces an unusual and disturbing noise, do not delay the repairs.

Here are the most common noises when your hardware is not in its optimal condition.

Grinding or squeaking sound –

may be brought by worn out or broken rollers.

This is an expected malfunction given the mechanism and frequency of use.

Keep your hardware’s moving parts lubricated to keep them working smoothly.

Popping sound –

chances are your spring are worn or frayed.

Meaning, you may need to call for technical support for proper evaluation and replacement of the broken parts.

Crashing/banging sound –

this happens when you disregard the early signs your hardware is exhibiting when it’s no longer in its best condition.

This means that the springs have finally reached their limits.

Do not attempt to replace the component as it entails safety issues.

Call your nearby expert technician in Markham to replace it fast and effectively.

You’ll know what to do the next time you will hear one of the above-mentioned disturbing noises.

You can count on us to get them fixed just in time for your important meeting.

We have every solution to your garage door problem. Contact us right now!


When the hardware isn’t working properly, don’t wait for it to fail at the most inconvenient time.

If you continue to use malfunctioning hardware, it will further cause damage to its overall composition.

Then, prompting you to spend on costly and unnecessary repairs.

That’s why it’s essential to schedule your hardware for routine maintenance regularly to prevent any unwanted problems in the future.

Given the frequency of use–garage doors will wear out and lose their viability.

But maintaining it regularly will extend the life of the hardware.

In addition, proper maintenance reduces the need for unnecessary repairs in the future.

Make an appointment with our technicians.

Today is the best time to book us for repairs, maintenance, and installation anywhere in Markham!

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