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Did you know that replacing a broken torsion spring is one of the riskiest types of repairs?

This type of repair is not suitable for everyone.

Aside from the lack of technical skills, you must obtain the necessary tools to complete the repairs efficiently.

So, if your damaged torsion spring needs to be replaced, contact your local Markham Garage Door Bros expert technician.

And don’t try to do the repairs yourself because there are safety risks that could result in serious injury.

Furthermore, you should notify every family member of the situation and refrain from using the hardware until it is replaced.

If you want to learn how to repair garage door torsion springs, here’s how we do our garage door torsion spring repair.

Different Spring Types

Springs are one of the most vital parts of the mechanical door.

The component acts as a counterbalance to the door panel.

When you prompt the door panel to open or close, springs make it easier for us to use our garage doors.

The mechanical door has two types of springs that serve different purposes.

However, both of these springs are in charge of the hardware’s closing and opening mechanisms.

1. Extension Spring

This spring can be seen vertically mounted on the door panel’s sides.

The extension spring is responsible for either pulling or lifting the panel.

2. Torsion Spring

Torsion springs make lowering and raising the panel effortless, even with the thickest door panel.

This spring can be seen mounted horizontally at the center of the upper door panel.

Its primary function is to match the design and weight of your door panel.

In other words, the thicker your panel, the thicker your torsion spring should be to ensure the consistency of the opening and closing mechanism.

How to Change an Overhead Door Spring

The springs’ resilience will deteriorate over time as a result of daily use and exposure to various harmful elements.

So, if your door panel feels heavy, chances are the torsion spring(s) is frayed or broken.

However, when it comes to garage door torsion spring repair, we strongly advise hiring a professional.

Because of the tension of the torsion spring, repairing and replacing it on your own puts you in danger.

However, for individuals insisting to do the replacement on their own, make sure you have someone to assist you.

Allow us to demonstrate a brief process of what occurs during the replacement process.

Step #1 Prepare the hardware’s frame

The threshold should also be prepared as part of the installation process because this is where we will attach the hardware.

Following the preparation, attach and assemble the torsion spring as directed.

Maintain the door panel’s position.

Step #2 Hold or secure the door panel in place

Hold or lock the door panel in a closed position with clamps and locking pliers.

Keeping it locked will help prevent any unexpected movement or accidental opening of the door panel.

Bear in mind that most door panels weigh over a hundred pounds.

Step #3 Put the replacement spring together

Put the torsion spring inside the tube.

Then, properly assemble the newly purchased component.

Place the support plates firmly on the door panel’s frame.

Make sure that the springs are securely fastened to the plates. Next, install the torsion springs.

Then, double-check and adjust accordingly.

Proceed to the functionality test of the hardware to ensure that the process is completed successfully.

Basic Maintenance Frequency

Garage door springs, like any other moving part of the hardware, require regular maintenance.

That’s why it’s important to provide your hardware routine maintenance and lubricate its moving parts such as the springs.

Lubrication should be done every six months or as needed – depending on the use of the overhead door.

Providing the most basic requirements for your springs will keep your hardware in perfect working condition.

Whether it’s residential or commercial mechanical hardware make sure that your springs are properly cared for.


Given the function of the springs, normal wear and tear are to be expected.

With regular lubrication, it will most likely last longer and save you money on costly repairs in the future.

These accumulated harmful elements will shorten the life of the spring if not given with proper care.

That’s why we strongly advise providing your hardware with the basic maintenance it requires.

Keep in mind that our hardware is just like any other mechanical device or appliance that requires proper care and attention.

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