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Garage doors are designed to secure the largest opening in our home.

However, if it fails, it can compromise our security.

Aside from that, when our garage door fails, we feel vulnerable to illicit activities within our property’s premise.

That’s why we made sure when your hardware stops working, you won’t have to stress about getting it fixed on time.

Markham Garage Door Bros is a dedicated expert technician who offers same-day garage door repairs.

Contact us as soon as your garage door won’t close so that we can resolve the problem immediately.

Although some faulty operations can be corrected with simple adjustments, your hardware should be thoroughly inspected.

There is a chance that the hardware is masking underlying problems that will persist even after troubleshooting.

Call us for technical assistance and dependable garage door repairs anytime!

The following problems with your hardware are most likely requiring the assistance of a specialist technician.

Safety sensors are not working properly

The safety sensors on either side of the hardware are responsible for preventing the door from closing.

This feature prevents unintentional accidents by causing the door to stop if there is an object under the panel.

Double-check the part where you suspect that is the root cause of the faulty operation.

First, examine the area for any debris that could have caused the blockage.

Alternatively, look for a damaged or dislodged electrical cord that is causing incoherent prompts.

The door panel prematurely retracts

When a garage door panel retracts, it can mean one of two things.

This issue could indicate that the rollers are damaged or that the closing force is not properly adjusted.

However, if your rollers are broken, the extra friction may cause the opener to stop prop up too soon.

Keep in mind that the garage door’s components are all linked together.

That is why, when the hardware fails, it is critical to contact technical support for a thorough inspection.

1. Examine the track and rollers

When was the last time you replace the rollers on your garage door?

Perhaps it’s time to invest in a new set of rollers.

Rollers allow for a smooth transition between lifting and lowering of the garage door’s panel.

When the panel is lowered, debris in the track may cause resistance.

So, if the rollers are worn and there is a blockage on the track, it will likely compromise the mechanism of the hardware.

2. Close-Limit Malfunction

Aside from the safety sensors, the mechanical door has a close-limit switch that prevents it from hitting anything under the panel.

The hardware’s motor unit has a force or limit switch to limit the closing and opening mechanism of the door.

If the close limit is not properly adjusted, the door will most likely not close completely.

If you are having difficulty troubleshooting this issue or set the limit switch properly, contact us for technical support.

A broken garage door can indicate a variety of underlying problems.

So, for safety and dependability, contact us at any time!

Up-limit switch

The up-limit switch is another issue that causes the door to not close completely.

This is a rare garage door issue that occurs after replacing your old motor unit.

But when it comes to eliminating all the possibilities, we should double-check if the up limit is adjusted properly.

If you’re not confident to do the technical repairs, talk to us so we can send our team to your place.

We Are Your Reliable Partner in Markham

The problems listed above are just a few of the many that your hardware will exhibit.

Although some issues can be resolved with minor adjustments, others may necessitate the use of technical skills.

We can’t emphasize enough how dangerous a broken garage door is.

So, if you have any issues with your garage door, don’t hesitate to call us for fast and effective solutions.

If the problem persists after troubleshooting the hardware, contact us at any time!

Our garage door technician is available 24/7 for repairs, replacement parts, and installations.

Make an appointment for routine maintenance to avoid exposing your family to the dangers of faulty hardware.


A broken garage door puts you and your safety at risk.

When you come home and discover that the garage door isn’t completely closed, contact a technician immediately.

Security is always a top priority in any home or commercial establishment.

So, if your garage door malfunctions, don’t put off the repairs.

Call our technical team for emergency garage door repairs and broken hardware replacement.

Make an appointment to keep your hardware in its tip-top condition 24/7!

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